It will not be out of place to mention here that on the historical Baisakhi Day of 1756 Bikrami, when Sri Guru Gobind Singhji founded the Khalsa Panth by baptizing the five beloved (Punj Pyaras) at Takhat Kesgarh Saheb, Sri Anandpur Saheb and got himself baptized by the five beloveds, one of those five beloved Bhai Saheb Singhji, belonged to Bidar. He was one of the Punj Pyaras who was successful in Guru’s litmes Test. Bhai Saheb Singhji got the name of Bidar permentaly engraved in Golden letters in the Sikh history. He was born to Sri Guru Narayan & Mata Anakamma in Bidar on 5th Magh 1732 Bikrami (1675 A.D). He fought many religious battles and attained martyrdom in the battle of Chamkor in 1761 Bikrami.